About Us

Gogtar Suite is a digital enterprise software suite for all your business needs. The technological advancements are promoting the concept of varied applications and encouraging the emergence of the new ones into the fiercely competitive business world. So, the world needs innovative and versatile digital solutions to meet the modern day needs and Gogtar Suite is designed to do exactly that. Gogtar Suite is a one-of-a-kind unified platform for all your business needs and is effective over traditional business systems.

The deep understanding of technology and zeal for propelling to excellence instilled us to prepare the all-in-one business and enterprise management software for all the businesses from retail to education, healthcare to hotel and hospitality. The unparalleled domain knowledge and cutting-edge technology have made Gogtar Suite an unmatched competitor in the market.

At Gogtar Suite we believe in executing extraordinary experiences every day and this permeates into everything we do, from customer support to how we design our products. Our dedicated group of individuals strive every day to ensure you get the best cloud-based small business management solution so that your entire focus is on your business making new strategies for growth and increase ROI. Gogtar Suite offers more than technology, performance and excellence. Unlike other solutions available in the market which are desktop based and can be managed by technical people, Gogtar Suite has a mobile-app which is really easy to handle.

Streamline your business process with Gogtar Suiteā€™s Accounting Software with POS, Hospital Management System, Complete Worksuite Solutions, Lead Tracker Management, Human Resource Management, School ERP Solution and Vehicle Management and Tracking System.